The Danger of Unforgiveness
There was a great response of the people that witnessed to me about these series on forgiveness and how it affected their lives; and how they had to make changes in their lives. They witnessed to me on how they were holding on to hatred against people for years and years but how they felt set free and lighter after they forgave.
Church Hurt
Millions of Christians can identify with this book. "Church Hurt" is from a realist point of view. It grabs the heart of the truth about what really goes on in the church that hinders, helps those who have been wounded to be real, to heal, and to fully recover. Church Hurt also provides a reference of scripture reading that will help those to release and receive total freedom.
Crowned at the Cross
Italy, 250 A.D. "Make an oath to remain truthful and obedient to the Roman Empire and our gods. You shall find locations of Christian radicals," the centurion dictated. "I will fight and die under this oath," Julian vowed. "Good." The centurion ordered him to his feet. Julian stood. A servant handed him the scroll.
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